Wedding Favors 101

You think you have the perfect favor for your wedding.

You spend a little more than you planned to and after hours putting everything together, you realize that half of your guests left their favors behind on your big day.

This is a common problem for brides and grooms, but here are our tricks to avoid these mishaps and make sure that each of your guests goes home happy!

Don't know what favors you want to use for your party? Don't worry! We've included ten of our favorite useful favors for you to consider!

Things to keep in mind when choosing a wedding favor:

  • Cost: Unless you have an endless supply of funds, or are planning a very small, intimate wedding, you should probably veer away from spending a fortune on wedding favors. Take into consideration how much of your budget you want to spend on favors, the formality of your event, and the number of guests you plan to attend. Generally speaking, I suggest spending $1-$3 per favor for most couples.

  • Theme: Your wedding favors should flow naturally with the theme of your wedding. For example, if you're planning a wedding at a winery, consider a wine-inspired favor. Having an informal, outdoor wedding? Why not offer your guests some sunglasses? If you're having a more formal wedding, consider picking something elegant that your guests will love.

  • Time/Effort: If you are a crafty person like me, you'll enjoy spending a couple of hours assembling and personalizing favors. But for many couples, this isn't the case. Consider how much time and effort your wedding favors will take to put together before settling on an idea.

  • Appeal: This is a big one that I believe many couples don't consider before choosing a favor for their wedding. Just because you love gardening and think succulents are easy to maintain, doesn't mean it will appeal to the majority of your guests or that they won't accidentally kill the succulents within a week (I speak from personal experience on this one!) If you're planning a guest list of 50 people or more, try to supply a favor that can be enjoyed by the masses. You can't please 100% of your guests 100% of the time, but you want to try to appeal to as many of your guests as possible. Picking a favor that is too niche may lead to many guests leaving unwanted items behind. Personally, I feel that useful favors are best, as they actually add some kind of value to your guests' experience. Plus, in the event that you do have a surplus of favors, at least you're left with something you can use yourself.

With these things in mind, here are some of my favorite wedding favor ideas...

#1 - Place Card Chocolate Bars

Template available for purchase and download from Etsy for $5.99.

I personally LOVE this idea. It's inexpensive, goes with nearly any wedding theme, has a wide appeal and doubles as a place card! If you have diabetics attending your wedding or small children that you don't want to fuel with sugar, consider getting sugar free chocolate bars in place of regular chocolate.

#2 - Scented Candles

These are available from Etsy for $2.25 each.

Candles have been a popular gift for as long as I can remember! These cute little scented candles are affordable, useful and require no time or effort. Or, if you're a crafty couple, you could even pick up small candles in bulk and personalize them with guests' names to double as place cards! This is easily accomplished by buying labels for your printer. Print out the stickers, peel, place and done!

#3 - Place Card Picture Frames

These are available from Wedding Favors Unlimited for $.79 - $1.61 each.

In keeping with the theme of getting double the bang for your buck, these frames are not only a cute and useful favor, but double as place card holders that add a touch of elegance to the table. They are available from a wide variety of retailers and come in many styles and colors to match your wedding vibe!

#4 - Personalized Cookies

These particular cookies are available from Etsy for $39.00 per dozen.

Who doesn't love cookies? You can find these from a number of resources online, but you may be able to work out a better price with a local baker. Depending on what your budget is, you can have these cookies personalized with your favorite flavors, wedding colors and even your names!

#5 - Mini Wedding Cake Favors

These particular mini cakes are from My Daughter's Bakery, based in New Jersey. Speak to your local baker for pricing and availability.

Some might argue that the wedding cake is the best part of attend a wedding! If you would agree, then ask your local baker about the possibility of making these cute little mini-wedding cakes for your guests. This is among the more expensive of the favors I'm listing, but it's just too cute not to include!

#6 - Personalized Shot Glasses

These particular shot glasses are available from The Wedding Shop for as low as $.59 each.

If you and your loved ones like to party, then personalized shot glasses might be for you! A google search for "personalized shot glasses" will lead to tons of affordable options, including different colors, styles and phrases.

#7 - Bottle Openers

You can purchase ten of these charming bottle openers from Etsy for $11+.

If your crowd is filled with sentimental beer connoisseurs, then this could be a really great option. Not only is this a useful gift, but the shape and design holds a certain charm that makes it quite attractive. Add in the personalized touch on the tag and it's a crowd favorite!

#8 - Personalized Hand Sanitizer

These are available from Zazzle for $41.20 per dozen.

This list would not be complete without tipping our hats to the Covid era. This is not only a thoughtful favor, but quite a useful one as well. Although the favors pictured above are a little pricy, the same effect can be done for quite a bit less if couples purchase their own bottles of sanitizer and print their own personalized labels to attach.

#9 - Thank You Notepad

Available from Etsy for $25.99 per dozen.

Although not the most elaborate of favors, the most practical of brides and grooms might agree that everyone needs a notepad from time to time. This cute little notepad not only thanks guests for coming, but provides extra pages for them to make their own notes.

#10 - Personalized Program Fans

This kit contains 24 fans and is available from A Cherry On Top for only $10.99.

If you're planning an outdoor wedding - especially here in sunny South Florida - then I strongly recommend providing these affordable fans for your guests as they will undoubtedly come in handy on your big day! These fans are not only great for keeping your guests cool, but can be personalized with photos, poems, a list of the day's events, or acknowledgements for those in the wedding party! They are easy enough to design and assemble but, if you are not crafty or simply don't have the time, you can also find many options on or as well.

Honorable Mentions

aka: Think of the Kids!

If you're planning to include little ones in the day's festivities, keep in mind that they probably won't enjoy the same favors as the adults. For example, marble coasters may be a popular favor right now, but hard, sharp edges may not be the best gift for a toddler. With this in mind, we present our three favorite wedding favors for your tiniest of guests!

Plush Teddy Bears

This example is available from for $20.90 per dozen.

Imagine being a kid at a wedding: all the pomp and circumstance that you don't understand and the fancy, stuffy clothes. Then, you enter the reception to find a teddy bear waiting for you! These cute little plush teddy bears can easily be personalized with ribbon, or can be set up with a place card with the child's name, which would definitely make them feel all grown up and included. For those of you who are crafty, you could even affordably add a bow tie or veil to give them a reminder of your special day.

Wedding Coloring Book

Available from Oriental Trading for $6.99 per dozen.

Sitting around a bunch of grown-ups can be boring, so why not provide an activity for the little ones? These wedding-themed coloring books come individually packaged and include a set of crayons. If you don't like this particular set, a quick Google Search for "Wedding Coloring Book" will lead to many more varieties. However, a word to the wise: you may want to reconsider any activity book that comes with stickers, as these might find their way onto the walls and fine crystal of your very expensive venue!

Children's Tumbler

Available from Oriental Trading for $15.99 per dozen.

These tumblers are great in a multitude of ways! Tumblers with lids and straws prevent spills on formal wear, they're a great, useful take-home souvenir and, if you supply some crayons, the coloring page can keep kids busy during the reception. For those of you who like this idea but may be concerned about ruining the aesthetic of your wedding day, consider these clear plastic tumblers from Michael's instead. For those of you who are crafty, these tumblers can be personalized with the child's name, or you could apply stickers to make them more fun.

There you have it! Everything you ever needed to know about wedding favors, all in one blog!

Happy Wedding Day!

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