Weddings In the Time of Covid-19

Millions of couples have had to postpone extravagant weddings during the global Covid-19 pandemic. These couples now face the question: When is the right time to move forward?

There is obvious tension between those who wish to reopen for business and those who fear reopening too soon.

Despite being anxious to see their hard work and preparation to fruition, couples may still be concerned that planning their new wedding date too soon will lead to disappoint as many family members and friends are not yet willing to risk venturing out of their house. Plus, what couple wants photos of guests following social distancing guidelines and mask regulations?

For those who would like to honor their traditional summer wedding date while being mindful of safety precautions, there are still a few new wedding options to consider.


Long gone are the days when "eloping" meant a couple running off to Vegas to be married by an Elvis impersonator!

These days, elopements are highly personalized affairs, often performed on a date that may hold some special meaning to the couple. Why not get married on the anniversary of the day you met, or your very first kiss?

In the same token, locations may be picked more for what they represent as opposed to how many people they can hold and what services they offer. Many couples have chosen to marry where they had their first date, or perhaps in front of the scenic view where they first got engaged. One exciting factor of eloping still remains - traveling to new and exotic destinations for this event is still a wonderful option!

What truly sets elopements apart are its impromptu nature and the personal, meaningful touches shared among an intimate crowd; the general rule of thumb is to invite 12 guests or less. Because of these factors, elopements can be often be planned in much less time (think 4-6 weeks) and they tend to prove to be quite cost effective.


A mini ceremony - or "Minimony", as they have come to be called - mixes the intimacy of an elopement with the extravagance of a traditional wedding.

Like elopement, meaningful dates and locations are still in vogue, as are celebrating with an intimate crowd. In this case, they suggest a guest list of 10 or less.

Minimonies may involve many of the same vendors and traditions of a larger wedding; for example, a baker may be employed to create a stunning mini wedding cake and florists may still be involved. In addition, wedding customs such as handwritten vows, first dances and wedding photos are still wonderful accents of this type of ceremony. In the era of Covid-19, a mini ceremony is a great way to still celebrate your nuptials with your very nearest and dearest while still practicing and respecting safety precautions, such as not gathering in large groups. Another perk is that this type of ceremony may still be much more affordable than a larger wedding in both time and expenses.

Sequel Wedding

In the past, the term "Sequel Wedding" was used to identify any time a couple might choose to have a second wedding celebration, whether for religious, cultural or other reasons. For example, a couple might choose to have their ideal destination wedding abroad and then have a sequel wedding closer to home where more guests can afford to attend.

In the days of Covid-19, a sequel wedding works perfectly in conjunction with an elopement or minimony. While the smaller affairs help to solidify your original wedding date and allow you to move forward as a married couple, the second, larger affairs will allow you to actualize the wedding you have dreamed about in the days post-coronavirus.


A micro-wedding has all of the perks of a traditional wedding, just on a smaller scale that involves approximately 50 guests or less.

Although micro-weddings may be quite affordable due to their size, many couples choose to still use a full budget, thereby maximizing the experience for each guest. Imagine - instead of attempting to host 200 guests - that you now have the same budget for only 50 people. Where before you might have been cutting corners to try to stretch your dollar, you can now afford an open bar with top shelf liquor and a four-course cuisine for each of your guests.

The true blessing of a micro-wedding comes not in saving time and money, but in enhancing the experience of the time spent together.

However you choose to celebrate your wedding during these times, it is most important to put the focus on making unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

If you are interested in learning more about how Weddings & Events by Heather can help with any of these weddings, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Congratulations on your engagement and best of luck on your big day!

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