Teresa & Patrick

Teresa & Patrick

Saturday, March 5th, 2022

The Cruz Building

3157 Commodore Plaza, Miami, FL 33133

How We Met

First Day

We met at a company event in March of 2017, but that meeting doesn’t count because Teresa doesn’t remember it. It was a very chaotic day for her. Soon though, we would meet again volunteering for an event at Zoo Miami, where she unknowingly drove her beat up pickup through his mom’s back yard. That is one way to meet Pat’s mom! She was really nice though. The next few weeks we ran into each other at work every so often. Pat won a pair of tickets to an event Teresa really wanted to go to. We ended up going to this event with another couple – a married couple who both worked at the company – foreshadowing much? Pat did end up asking Teresa on a date a few weeks later and you guessed it! It. Didn’t. Go. Well…. Take two was a relaxing day on the beach, which was absolutely perfect. We took few months to get to know each other and made it official after a Marlin’s game in August 2017!

"Yes" Day

Pat wanted to surprise Teresa when he popped the question, so this is a tale of secrecy, misfortune, luck, and cheesesteaks. Pat visited the jeweler in secret a couple of times and finally purchased the ring the second week of March 2020. The jeweler told Pat the ring would be ready the next week.

Then the NBA shut down, Tom Hanks got COVID, and the world changed forever. If you didn’t know, the jewelry industry is NOT considered “essential.” About a month later, Pat was able to work out a private time with the jeweler to pick up the ring. He told Teresa he was going on a “site visit.”

In May, we traveled to Philadelphia to visit with Pat’s brother and his girlfriend, Dave and Julie. Pat had planned to propose in a state park, by a waterfall, and for it to be super romantic. During the hike, he hid the awkwardly large box containing the ring in his jacket and was nervously trying to find the waterfall. Apparently, waterfalls are great at hide and seek because we never found a waterfall and the proposal didn’t happen. Teresa had a great time and was

Yes Day Cropped

completely oblivious to ulterior motives.

A couple rainy days later, we were all playing “Taboo” and Teresa got a card and said, “If we were serious, you would buy me one of these...” and, confused, Pat said “...A ring.” But the ring was upstairs! It would have worked out perfectly, but it did not. Again, Teresa was just happy we got the point.

On the last day of their trip, Pat suggested to detour the trip to the airport for cheesesteaks. to downtown Philly where this beautiful rose garden was. While Teresa went upstairs to pack, Pat told his brother he was going to propose in the Rose Garden in downtown Philly. Dave and Julie became nervous and excited but agreed to keep it quiet.

Pat and Teresa cut through the Rose Garden, which they saw on their first day in the city. Teresa agreed and they walked around, taking photos. Finding a secluded, rosy part of the garden, Pat oddly asked Teresa, “Can you take a picture of me?” Confused, she agreed, and Pat got down on one knee! With tears in her eyes, she said “Yes!” … and then they got cheesesteaks.

Best Day

We can’t wait to share our special day with our closest friends and family. Whether you’re walking, driving, or flying to celebrate with us, we hope you travel safe and have fun!

We chose historic Coconut Grove in early March as the backdrop to our wedding. We chose this time to spare us from the sweltering South Florida summers and avoided Hurricane season. Specifically, we chose March Fifth, a.k.a. 3-05, which is the Miami Area Code and a local holiday celebrating all things Miami. Pat is born-n-raised in the County of Dade and Teresa has made it her adopted home.

The wedding ceremony and reception will be at the Cruz Building. Come hungry and bring your dancing shoes! We hope you’re able to extend your stay in Miami and enjoy the local culture and scenery while a good part of the country is thawing from winter.

Weekend Events

~ Sunday Brunch at Glass & Vine~

Details coming soon!

Meanwhile, visit Glass & Vine's website here. 


Accommodations & Travel

Hotel Arya.jpg

Hotel Arya - Coconut Grove

  • Best Western Premiere Collection Hotel

  • 6.6 Miles from Miami International Airport

  • .3 Miles from the Wedding Venue

  • Must book by no later than Tue., 1/25/22

  • Please click here for hotel rates and details

Courtyard Coral Gables.jpg

Courtyard - Miami Coral Gables

  • Marriot Affiliated

  • 3.5 Miles from Miami International Airport

  • 2.9 Miles from the Wedding Venue

  • Must book no later than Tue, 2/1/22

  • Please click here for hotel rates and details


Miami International Airport (MIA)

  • Closest Major Airport

  • 6.4 Miles from the Wedding Venue

Things To Do

Welcome to Coconut Grove/Coral Gables!  Here are a few of our favorite things to do and suggestions for things to see, along with helpful links:


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Our favorite gift is the gift of your time, friendship, and the memories we will create on our wedding day!

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